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Recipe Best Raw Vegan Pizza Ebook by May Salem

Best Raw Vegan Pizza Ebook by May Salem

I love pizza! I am a pizza addict, I admit. Love it cooked with Daiya cheese, love it cooked with no cheese and just veggies.. I had not braved the raw pizza yet.. Until I saw pictures of May's raw vegan pizzas. Doesn't the picture above look amazing?? I
Recipe California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC

California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC

I was at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) last week to taste their Chinese New Year menu that will launched for the Double Happiness Celebration . Yes. Coincidentally this year Chinese New Year day 1 is also Valentine's Day. So, it will be a headache for t
Recipe California Pizza Kitchen - KLCC

California Pizza Kitchen - KLCC

Alcohol is served all day. So we loosen our ties, threw off our jackets sipped mojitos, pina coladas, margaritas, smoothies rum + tequila with our salads, pasta pizza, FOR LUNCH, on a weekday. Ahh.. if only this is a daily routine.


What do you make, when you should have gone grocery shopping yesterday , and hubby says "whats to snack on?" Hmmmm , well, I did a quick check of what I had on hand and came up with this idea. The possibilities are endless; tuck in a few chopped m
Recipe Turkey Meatball & Spinach Calzones

Turkey Meatball & Spinach Calzones

We love calzones but to find a really good one around here at a restaurant is a big challenge, not to mention the price! It's not as hard as you might think to make your own. I took a big short cut and used frozen bread dough. If you're more inclined to m
Recipe Tortilla Casserole, aka Mexican Lasagne

Tortilla Casserole, aka Mexican Lasagne

When paging through Rick Bayless s Mexican Kitchen , we found something which we initially thought was a bit odd but strangely interesting a Mexican version of lasagne, layered up with tortillas instead of lasagne sheets. We became determined to try i
Recipe Bread for All

Bread for All

Pictured above: Loaf of gluten-free Bread for All, gluten-free chocolate and almond marzipan scones (not yet released) I had the privilege to try Lauren s gluten-free breads and scones last week and they are incredible! I love the flavor and texture o
Recipe Our new savoury tarts

Our new savoury tarts

Our savoury tarts are successful. A lot of people use our recipes to make handmade savoury tarts. So we have added two new recipes in these days. The first is a savoury pie made with autumnal ingredients: mushrooms, head cabbage, potatoes and mozzarel

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