Tomato Basil Arugula Stuffed Crust Pizza

How to make Italian Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe

I think there are very few who can vouch and say that they DON’T like Pizza! Its not the healthiest thing to be munching around all the time, but then on occasion when you enjoy it, nothing competes the heartiness and deliciousness of a yummy pizza! I have had my share of pizzas and am at a stage when I can look at a Pizza and not go Ga-ga over it. There is no more salivating or uncontrollable drooling over a dominoes pizza crust. But sometimes on those rare occasions that it does – I need to devour a pizza right then and there. I cannot wait for those 45-60 minutes for the pizza man to arrive!  So, I make my own. I love thin crust, but there is something about that stuffed crust pizza that has my heart racing! Its not as hard as you might think – in fact it is ridiculously simple to make your own stuffed pizza crust.

How to make Italian Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe

Few ready made ingredients from the local store can make it possible for you to prepare one right in the comfort of your home and in less that those dratted 60 minutes of the delivery time! (of course, if you have a pizza place right nearby, then this argument does not hold for you!) . Another reason why I like to make my own pizza is having control over the ingredients and cheese I put into it. I go crazy over various toppings and if that was not enough, when I asked my wonderful Facebook readers for topping ideas - I got galore of them!!! I feel like making pizzas just to enjoy all those yummy topping!

How to make Italian Stuffed Crust Pizza Recipe

But since I hadn’t gone shopping, I had very few (...)
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