Red bean lotus root soup

It's the norm that we always associate red beans with desserts, mooncakes, sweet pastries or 'tong sui.  Well

it didn't occur to me that they also make a good soup ingredient, savoury that is, until I had my first taste of red bean in a soup when I was dining out in Melbourne.  Now, here's my version of adding red beans in this 'Red bean, lotus root and pig tail soup'.

These were the ingredients that went into the cooking pot besides the tail end bones of the pig.  Lotus root from China, fish bones, red beans and preserved sugarless dates aka 'Mut choe'.

Yummy soup that can be served anytime of the day, or just as a snack ......


550 gm tail  end of pig and some ribs, chopped
400 gm China lotus root
90 gm red beans, washed
3 sugarless preserved dates, washed
2 pices fish bones
10 cups water
Salt to taste

Wash the pork ribs and tail pieces, scald them in a pot of  boiling water to remove scum.  Take out, rinse in running water, drain.
Peel and cut up the lotus root.
Bring to the boil 10 cups of water, once boiling, add in the preserved dates, lotus root, red beans, fish bones, pork ribs and tail pieces.
Boil on medium low heat for 2.1/2 hours till the meat is tender.
Add salt to taste.
Dish out and serve hot.

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