Rice Recipes from the British Raj

The Raj Cuisine A fusion of Indian spices & cooking techniques with western stuff (vinegar, beef, ham, smoked kippers etc) created this cuisine, so loved by the British. These recipes were adapted from traditional Indian recipes and modified to suit the English palate. The Indian Khichidi became Kitcheree / Kedgeree, the Pulao became the Pellow and unusual ingredients like smoked kippers found their way into rice dishes.
This One page cookbook lists 10 simple rice recipes popular in British kitchens during the British Raj. The following recipes are listed in this cookbook. 
1.: Boiled rice 
2.: Rice Kheer (Rice pudding) 
3.: Pish Pash  (Chicken rice) 
4.: Mung Dal Bhoonee Kitcheeree / Kedgeree (Lentil rice )  
5.: Masoor Dal Bhoonee Kitcheeree 
6.:  Chana Dal Bhoonee Kitcheeree 
7.: Green Pea  Bhoonee Kitcheeree 
9.: Chicken Pellow ( Pulao) ( Flavoured Chicken rice ) 
10.: Prawn Pellow ( Pulao) ( Flavoured Prawn rice)  
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