Soto Banjar // Banjarese Chicken Soup

Soto Banjar // Banjarese Chicken Soup

I had a grippe and was totally down four days. I went to the doctor but only for the sake of sick note than for the medicines. I don't take medicines if I don't have to. Everytime I can skip it, I'll do it happily. Hubby brought me a bouquet of roses to wish me get well soon. He's a real big help when I couldn't do anything. He did the dishes and groceries, made me hot tea, put the fire on the fireplace, got the woods inside etc. In these last four days, I drank a lot of tea; with milk, with lemon, with ginger, you name it! And sometimes I was bored. That's why I tried to make other hot drink and I came up with this punch: sliced lemon, sliced/crushed ginger, wild honey and hot water. I was still feeling not totally well today at work. Lucky me that I survived and Monday is my day off again, so hopefully I can recharge the energy and get better.

Lemon Ginger Punch

I craved for Soto Ayam and ended up making Soto Banjar using a different recipe than the last Soto Banjar I made. The recipe I used yesterday was much more simple than the last one. The only problem was that I couldn't really taste it due to my grippe, nor smell the aroma while I was cooking it.

800 gr chicken thighs
2 l water (I used 2,5 l)

To Grind:
2 onions
5 cloves garlic
1/4 tsp cinannmon powder
1 cm ginger

100 gr glass noodle -- soaked in warm water to soften, cut in lengths
Fried potato patties
Hard-boiled eggs -- halved or quartered
Crispy fried shallots
Fried garlic
Celery and spring onion

Soto Banjar // Banjarese Chicken Soup

Cook the chicken thighs in water and salt over a medium heat until the chicken softened. Take out of the broth, shred it. Note: I always let the chicken inside the broth until it gets off its bone

Stir fry the Grind Paste until fragrant then put it into broth. Season well

Meanwhile you can prepare the Fried Potato Patties
500 gr potatoes
Salt to season
1 egg
*Peel the potatoes, cut thickly then fry. Drain, mash and add salt and egg. Shape into patties and fry until golden brown

To assembly:
Into an individual serving bowl, put the glass noodle, egg slice, fried potato patties then laddle the hot soup into each bowl

Another style of Soto:
Soto Ayam // Indonesian Chicken Soup
Soto Daging // Indonesian Beef Soup
Soto Ayam Madura // Madurese Chicken Soup
Soto Betawi // Jakarta Style Beef Soup
Soto Banjar // Banjarese Chicken Soup

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