Deep-fried mussels

3 servings
30 min
5 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 3
500g mussels

1 egg

80g breadcrumbs

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

2 tbsp mayonnaise

1 tsp salt for mussels

1 lemon wedge

Cooking oil


  • 1) Throw away any mussels that have broken shells. If shells are opened, tap on them. If it’s alive, it’ll close else discard.

    2) Ligthly blanch mussels with salt water to open & purging them of sand. Clean & debeard shells, open them up & detach mussels.

    3) Rinse the mussels & drain. Mixed mussels with mayonnaise.

    4) Add pepper to breadcrumbs.

    5) Roll mussels in breadcrumbs, dip into beaten egg & coat with crumbs again.

    6) Deep-fry till golden brown. Squeeze lemon wedge just before serving...... and here's your tray of S$1 mussels.




I like that so much...

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Good idea. unique taste. normally in India it is prepared with spices and coated with RAWA & fried or deep fried.

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