Deep fried peanut butter banana balls ~ an angry (lovely) dessert!

4 servings
15 min
15 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
1 ripe banana

1 1/2 cups Smuckers Creamy All Natural Peanut Butter

3 plain graham crackers, crumbled

1 piece whole wheat bread

1 cup + panko bread crumbs

2 teaspoons brown sugar

Vegetable oil for frying

Hot Oil thermometer Helps!


  • Mash together with fork first four ingredients, refrigerate at least a half an hour. In small bowl, prepare panko, sugar breading.
  • Form Peanut Butter, banana mixture into small balls (about 1 teaspoon size) it will be sticky but it's fine.
  • Drop it into panko mixture and press coating all around. Continue until you've used all the mixture.
  • Heat oil to 350 degrees. Carefully drop balls in the hot oil and fry for about 1-2 minutes or until browned.
  • Remove with slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.


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