Moong daal ke ladoo ki chaat

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1. Yellow Moong Daal (Washed & Soaked in water for atleast 6 hours or overnight)
2. Salt- To taste
3. Red Chilli Powder-To taste
4. Shredded Radish/Daikon- 1 Cup
5. Green Chutney- Depends how much you want
6. Oil- To fry ladoo


1. Grind the dal to a rough paste in a mixer grinder, using very little water, only if required.
Do not make it into a smooth past
2. Beat ground dal in a bowl using whisker for 5-7 minutes till it feels really light and frothy of a soft dropping
consistency, Add salt and red chilli powder. Mix well.
3. Heat oil in a Kadhai/pan for deep frying. To test if oil is hot enough, drop a little paste into the kadhai.
It should rise to the surface almost immediately
4. Using round spoon drop small amounts of paste into oil. Reduce heat to medium.
5. Fry till golden yellow. Drain excess oil on paper napkins.
6. Serve loaded with grated Mooli (Grated Radish) and Spicy Green chutney.

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Posted the 17/06/2013, 11:41

I was looking for this recipe for along time. during our school days an old man used to sell it with radish and tamarind chutney. the recipe was a mystery for me. thanks for posting it. LAJAWAB

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Posted the 27/10/2011, 19:52

This is what i was looking for

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3 / 5cinchillies
Posted the 18/09/2012, 04:28

Will try, mouth watering

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Posted the 09/05/2014, 17:02

It is a desi recipe

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Posted the 13/06/2013, 13:35

Nice as snake.

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Posted the 26/03/2013, 12:01

Very good

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Posted the 17/06/2013, 05:06


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