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What we love about these warm summer days is that we can enjoy some good ol? outdoor eating on the patio and to every good meal there?s always a great sidekick something healthy and tasty like a great dressing, sauce, and hummus!

Hummus is high in iron, vitamin C, and also has significant amounts of folate and vitamin B6.  With chickpeas being the main ingredient we?re certain hummus will deliver ample amounts of protein and dietary fiber that?s great for everyday eating, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Now you might be sitting there thinking, ?I could only eat hummus as a spread/paste on bread or crackers? but we?re telling you that those sad boring days are long gone and that we can be a little more creative than that and when I say ?little more? I really mean a lot more and to help us with this expose we?ve been asked by Summer Fresh Salads to share some of their great ideas.

We here at YummyLocal had the pleasure of sampling a care package from our friends at Summer Fresh Salads filled with a tasteful variety of flavoured hummus and taziki spreads.

First off, here?s a little info about Summer Fresh Salads that we all should know about.

Fresh and flavourful, healthy and nutritious gourmet dips and appetizers, salads and chef prepared foods for a busy lifestyle on the go.
Leading north American supplier of prepared foods to retail and food service sectors including restaurants, supermarkets, and caterers.
Over a thousand products including kosher and organically certified.

Now Let?s get to the great Summer Fresh Salad products:
Sweet Potato:  If you?re into sweet potatoes or just looking for a sweet spread for your bread then this is the one for you.  A delightful tasting hummus with the unique addition of sweet potatoes that makes for a harmonic blend. It?s the next closest thing to throwing yams and sweet peas in a blender!  Flavors are not overly strong but very modest and subtle ? Great for sandwiches.

Curry:  Sweet sultry flavoured hummus without an overpowering curry taste to mask the hummus.  Now I was a bit hesitant to put too much of this on my flat bread but I?m telling you I couldn?t get enough of it after the first taste.  A fantastic sweet tasting hummus with a little bit of a kick to surprise your pallet.  This was by far one of my favourites and I highly recommend – Awesome for crackers, sandwiches, and salads.

Summer dips and hummus

Avocado Hummus:  A more mild and timid flavour hummus that?s creamy and smooth.  Great tasting hummus that?s perfect for toasted pita chips or an aioli for sandwiches and bread.  Try this hummus with your next Mexican themed meal either with a burrito or nacho chips

Ingredients: Fresh chickpeas, creamy avocado, tahini, lemon and cilantro

Smoky Spinach & Artichoke:  Now this is a unique tasting dip that doesn?t even resemble your traditional hummus.  The smoky spinach flavour really stands out and really adds a new spin on your sandwiches or appetizers.  I recommend trying the smoky spinach and artichoke with a deli sandwich as a spread to replace your boring mayonnaise or butter.

Artichoke & Spinach

Spicy Tzatziki:  A fun twist to your regular Tzatziki dip that?s great for your next Greek meal with pork or chicken souvlaki dinners.  If you?re feeling a bit adventurous and want to move away form your dips try some warm naan bread for your next get together.  Your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

Other great products worth mentioning include the ?Snack?n Go? which are conveniently packed hummus and flatbread combinations that are great for kids and adults that are on the go.  Great idea for lunches and snacks for school and work!

Summer Fresh Dora

If you?re having trouble convincing your kids to eat more healthy but they?re into Nickelodeon cartoons?  Not a problem because Summer Fresh Salads have a Dora the Explorer as well as Sponge Bob Square Pants line of hummus and vegetable dips.

Summer Fresh Website:

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