That Will Do ... Sam Kang Cheong Pork Noodles

Been really busy of late ... seems to be that way since I came back from Taiwan.  I will be blogging on Taiwan, eventually but it was interesting to know that the food in Taiwan didn't awe me as much as I was hoping for.  Maybe it's just me as taste is so subjective, right? Anyway, here's a sweet and short post today.

I came back to Malaysia craving for all sorts of our local hawker food like nasi lemak, chee cheong fun, satay, hokkien mee, char kway teow, siew yoke (roast pork) rice, Famous Seremban Favourites BBQ pork char siew and .... Sam Kang Cheong Pork Noodles.  I realise that while different stalls churns out different quality of these dishes, some better than the rest and differing in texture, colour, ingredients - one dish, the Sam Kang Cheong Pork Noodles, always seems to be the same.  This noodle is commonly found being sold in most coffee shops around Klang Valley area.  I think Bangsar and Sec 17, PJ are operated by the same folks hence the same taste.  Then there is the one in Jalan Batai and PJ Old Town and of course the one that does taste yummier and different would be the one in Jalan Imbi (or Hutong, Lot 10?).  Apart from that, I would say, the taste is similar here, there and everywhere.

One thing I would profess though, Sam Kang Cheong is one comfort food that I love.  It reminds me of my childhood days, when I would follow my parents to Jalan Alor every Friday night.   Every Friday would be family outing night as my mom would be having the night off  (having to cook dinner every other night, she needed the break, hahah).  There was a time that we would go to this Sam Kang Cheong Pork Noodles stall that was located in front of the Bolton medicinal shop every Friday.  I remember how my dad and I would happily slurp up the noodles, coupled with the green pickled chillies (a must accompaniment for this noodle) and we would love to ask for extra soup on the side!  The stall is no longer there now though the medicinal shop is still there (I think!), I wonder if the stall has shifted to somewhere else or the owner has simply stop operating.

Sam Kang Cheong Pork Noodles

So, no matter where and whenever I eat Sam Kang Cheong Pork Noodles (I don't really have a favourite place) - it does comfort me in more ways that any other food would.....Do any of you have a similar story to share for any food/dish that warms your heart too?

That will do....that will do (reminds me of the movie Babe)

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