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 The folks at Live Gourmet must be doing something right with their marketing as I'm convinced these are fresher than the ones sold individually. Aesthetically, the Live Gourmet butter lettuce are more appealing with their roots attached, and a bit of sand and water are in the clamshell packaging as well. All signs point to lettuce that is freshly harvested, from my grocery store aisle that is.

But this brand of butter lettuce offers more than just a pretty face. The flavor is extremely fresh and very tasty. The leaves have a mild sweetness, almost buttery tasting, that is so delicious they can be eaten with minimal dressing or any other fixings.

I made my first butter lettuce salad  as part of the Park Avenue Potluck CELEBRATIONS virtual book launch party held by Kelsey (Naptime Chef) a few months ago. 
For a recent lunch, I made the same salad but added tofu and a poached egg for protein.

I am enjoying my "new" red Pyrex serving bowl for this salad. According to Pyrex Love, this rectangular bowl belongs to an entire hostess set created in 1949 for multi-use in the oven and on the table. Also, pics of a more complete set, such as Jenny's (ljcfyi), can be found throughout Flickr.
Turns out eating just salad for lunch is too controversial of an idea for BJ. Instead, he had toast and egg, with a bed of butter lettuce. It's not salad when there's a bread slice in the bowl.

Butter Lettuce Salad with Tofu and Poached Egg


Serves 2

Half butter lettuce head, cored and trimmed
1/4 container of extra firm tofu, chop into cubes, keep cold
1 ripe but firm avocado, peeled, pitted and diced
2 poached eggs (to be served on top of salad once it is plated) 
Balsamic Vinegar and EVOO
Italian Parsley chopped
Minced Chives chopped
Salt and freshly ground black pepper 

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