Cream cheese chiffon cake

A soft, fluffy cake..
Although this might be my first chiffon cake post, it definitely isnt the first chiffon cake I've baked. 

My first was a pandan cake where it was a mind boggling process which turned out to be a pretty light cake. The story goes... It was late at night and decided to attempt baking the latter when I've got all the ingredients at home already. Part 2 of e recipe (egg yolks, flour, pandan juice, coconut lala.) was well mixed, then I proceeded to part I of the recipe(which is the meringue). After 10 mins of high speed whisking in my mixer, the mixture was foamy and couldnt rise at all! 

I started to panic, daddy came along, panicked with me too, and we decided to drive down to a nearby coffee shop and ask the coffee uncle to sell us some eggs! it was prb ard 11, 12pm at that time.. Luckily for us, there was a shop n save which was opened for 24hrs! PHEWW! yupp, in the end, the cake was a success but did not manage to take any pics as it was finished up by the following day..

Chiffon cakes really do require much practice. Got this recipe from here, and it definitely is a keeper! A must try for all bakers out there! simple and easy, just rmb to cool it the right way!

This cake was finished by the family within a day! 

*ps: always try to stick to a chiffon pan for even heating..

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