Coffe pudding foam

1 servings
10 min
20 min


Number of serving: 1
2 packets plain gelatin

750 ml fresh milk

175 granulated sugar (can be increased or decreased according to taste so sweet)

2 tbsp instant coffee dissolved in a little hot water

2 egg yolks beaten off

3 egg whites

1 tsp coffee paste


  • Beat egg whites until stiff, set aside
  • Mix gelatin, sugar and milk and cook, stirring constantly until boiling, put the coffee solution, cook again
  • Pour 2-3 tablespoons vegetable gelatin solution into the egg yolks, stir, put back into the solution of the gelatin, stir quickly until clot and not let it boil again.
  • Turn off heat, add the pasta coffee, stir and immediately pour into beaten egg whites
    Beat with mixer until blended evenly and perfectly
  • Pour into gelatin mold that has been moistened with water, let stand until the steam heat is lost and chill in refrigerator
  • Once cool, remove from mold and decorate according to taste.


Coffe Pudding Foam, photo 1Coffe Pudding Foam, photo 2



What is pasta coffee?

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