Home made delicious rasgullas

Rasgulla is an cheese based dish popular in India. The dish originated to Odisha. Rasgullas are made from an Indian cottage cheese & semolina dough ball. They are made small shaped dumplings & cooked in light sugar syrup. Source:wiki

Rasgullas were my all time favorite. Appa used to buy haldiram rasgulla a week before diwali & we used to sneak up onto it. So when i read about the preparation of home version online i thought of giving it a try.

Here is the recipe i tried & ended up with yummy big Ras


Milk(Full Cream) - 1 Litre
Sugar - 2 cups
Water - 4 cups
Lime juice/vinegar- 2 to 3 tbsp(I used lemon)
Nuts - To garnish
Cardamom/Elaichi Powder - 1 tbsp


Step 1 - Home made Delicious Rasgullas

Step 1

Rasgullas are made out of soft panners/cottage cheese.

Heat a litre of milk by adding few drops of lime juice. When the milk starts curdling switch off & after it gets cooled filter out the whey using a cheese cloth. Wash the panner under water to remove the smell of lemon.
Step 2 - Home made Delicious Rasgullas

Step 2

Hang the cloth around 40 minutes by draining out all water out of the panner.
Step 3 - Home made Delicious Rasgullas

Step 3

After the allotted time take out the panner which would be in an crumbled up shape.
Step 4 - Home made Delicious Rasgullas

Step 4

Knead the panner well using your hand & make it into a dough.
Step 5 - Home made Delicious Rasgullas

Step 5

You have to keep in mind that the panner would become large once its put to boil so keeping that in mind roll into small equal sized balls. I got around 25 smooth balls.

Heat the water by adding 2 cups of sugar, cardamom/elaichi powder. Once the sugar dissolves & the water becomes a syrup add the small panner bolls one by one slowly.
Step 6 - Home made Delicious Rasgullas

Step 6

Cover it for some time & cook till the panner becomes big Rasgullas. Leave it to cool refrigerate & serve delicious home made Rasgullas.

Step 7


1.You can use pressure cooker also to make Rasgullas. Just boil panners for a whistle after water starts boiling.
2. Sugar syrup should be of thick consistency otherwise Rasgullas might taste watery.
3. Refrigerate for nearly 6 hours so that the sugar syrup gets completely into the rasgullas.

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