Easy Polenta Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Coconut polenta chocolate cookies

These cookies are really quick and easy to prepare, and they can be butter-free. I used oil instead of butter. As a result the cookies were more crumbly, like a short shortbread cookie. I also tried a batch with dark syrup. The cookies with syrup were less crumbly and more crispy. Personally I preferred the crumbly version without syrup.

I also added desiccated coconut to one batch and they turned out excellent.

What makes this recipe different from other recipes is the use of oil instead of butter or margarine. Usually butter and sugar are creamed, incorporating air into the mixture. This helps the cookies to rise. You cannot do that with oil and sugar so the cookies don?t rise as much, just like a shortbread cookie.

Personally I love these cookies because its simpler, quick to prepare, uses no butter and is very tasty.

I used O?boy daim chocolate drink powder. O?boy contains crushed daim bar, cocoa, sugar and other ingredients. If O?boy is unavailable where you live, you can substitute with cocoa powder, sugar and roughly chopped or crushed daim bar, or you could leave out crushed daim. A rough substitute for O?boy daim chocolate drink powder would be about 40% cocoa and 60% sugar.

This recipe has no measurements, except for ratios.

1 part fine polenta
1 part self raising flour, sifted
1 part chocolate drink mix (or substitute with ½ part cocoa)
1 part desiccated coconut (optional)
1 part sugar (or use 1½ parts sugar if using cocoa instead of chocolate drink mix)
'Enough' melted butter or oil
Golden or dark syrup (optional, a ?small? amount)

1.       Preheat oven to 160 degrees
2.      Mix together all the dry ingredients
3.      Add enough melted butter or oil to the dry mix to get the right cookie dough consistency
4.      Place balls on a greased cookie tray, flatten slightly and bake for around 12 minutes

Polenta chocolate cookies

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