EXPRESS INDIAN RICE PUDDING ... with 3 ingredients!

Rice Pudding
This Easter was very special for us. Even though it's our second Easter together, it's my first one where I am cooking everything.I was in charge of the kitchen and like to be in charge of my kitchen, only mine though :-) Planning was in progress from weeks ago and I knew I would never stick to it, but surprisingly I did :-) I wanted to do a very nadan meal so kept everything to the bare minimum without much deco or anything 'jing bang'.
So we had  a small get together on Easter Eve as it would be convenient for all of us. The party went well and my 'Ice Cream Cake' was a mega hit! There was nothing left of the dessert for me to take pictures :-/ On the Easter Sunday,we had an Egg Hunt and spent the whole day eating and then to take the guilt feeling out of our lives even if it's just for a day...we went cycling for a good 2.5 miles :-) Once we got back home, we sipped wine and watched a movie as we ate 'Appam' and 'Chicken Curry'.
Rice Pudding
Now, back to the payasam. This is my favourite payasam not only because it's super delicious but also because it's super easy to make. The prep time is almost none so this is a very handy recipe for all your 'express' cooking days. I really like such recipes and I'm lucky to have such recipes, I would say. That's exactly how I like my cooking to way!
Rice Pudding
Unless it's for some special occasion, you will never ever see me spending more than just a few mins on any dish. I like things to happen fast, I'm really impatient! One of my blog readers and a good friend, C, must have told me a hundred times over our 'almost every week chat over the phone' that 'no one will believe you when you say that you are impatient!'. But I really am! :-) I cannot imagine myself slogging in the kitchen for hours to produce a mean chicken curry or a veggie side dish. I have to do it the express way and if you were to stand next to me in the kitchen, you will see me stretching out like there's no tomorrow to grab hold of ingredients while I stand in one place and drop them one by one into the pot that I am watching stirring then.
Usually when I work (of course, it's the only work that I do) in the kitchen, I like to cook everything at the same time. I like the 'cling' and the 'clang' of the lids as I move myself from one pot to the other on my 4 burner stove. Sometimes the food does get stuck to the bottom of the pan and that's why I recommend using 'non-stick' pans ;) And if it sticks, scrape it , reduce the flame a bit or check on the oil and then continue the  'cling-clang' dance! :-)
Rice Pudding
Well, this payasam hardly needs any dancing! When you read the recipe you will notice that it's a huge quantity with a 1: 4: 16 ratio but you can easily halve or even quarter it. So whatever maybe your next big day, make a batch of this yummy payasam and end your meal with a happy-burp!

Recipe source : Amma (We call this 'Cooker Payasam')
Makes 30 servings

1 c basmathi rice (no washing, just pulse it twice in a food processor to break it up)
4 c sugar
16 c milk
1/2 tsp cardamom powder (optional, I never use it)

Cashews and raisins

In a pressure cooker (yes,this makes it express!) mix together broken basmathi rice, sugar and milk and stir to dissolve the sugar completely.
Close it with the lid, place the weight and cook on high for 1 whistle.
Lower the flame to medium-low and cook for 45 mins (yes with the weight on).
Let go the steam, open the lid and stir. If you like it thicker (remembering that the payasam will thicken as it cools) you can boil it for another 5 mins without the lid.

Garnishing: Heat 3 tbsp ghee and fry the raisins till they are plump and the nuts till golden brown . Pour over the paysam and serve hot/ cold.

I prefer the payasam cold as it tastes better, for me :)
*Update (4/27): If you are halving or quartering the recipe, cooking time may or maynot vary. Let the steam go and open the cooker to peep in if it's done, if not, you can continue cooking it. 

Verdict: Creamy smooth pal payasam for all occassions would be the best way to describe it!

I am sending this Payasam to 'The Kerala Kitchen' hosted by myself :D

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