Green Peas Masala ( dhaba Style) | Restaurant Style Green Peas Gravy

since Green peas season i got my bunch and peeled the skin and stored some peas in the freezer  for my usual stuff, Mostly i opt for peas pulao and soup some times i do make curry but not dry version  (could be i will post my version too) ,but today

This is one of  my favorite recipe which i wanted to try for long in fact i tried twice and could not take the shot , It has a lengthy ingredients never scared u can always alter according to the availability  I have never tasted this dhaba style at restaurant so when i prepared green peas, i feel it tasted heaven, may i should taste it in the restaurant too.  First i followed the exact recipe, next time on wards i started adding my very own ingredients, It never fails. 

when u have every thing at home this is one such easy breeze recipe, which gets u more appreciation yes believe me guys, apt combination for Roti, phulka, and naan. Without further delay i am off to recipe. 

Preparation Time : 15minutes
Cooking : 30 minutes
Servings - 3 to 4 
Recipe source - prats corner


Paste 1

Ginger - 1 inch 1 piece
Green chilly - 3 nos (adjust to the family requirement)
Garlic - 5 to 6 without skin

Paste 2 
Oil - 2 tsp
Cashew - 5 broken
Onion - 1 medium size finely chopped

Main ingredients: 

Green peas - 1 cup (frozen or fresh)
Tomato - 1 large size finely chopped
Tomato puree - 1/2 cup
Cinnamon - 2 to 3 small sticks
Star anise - 3 to 4 leaves from the big one
mace - few pieces
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Pav bhaji masal - 2 tsp (or use garam masala powder)
Red chilly powder - 1tsp
subji masala powder - 1 tsp ( i have some kitchen masala powder if u do not have just leave it otherwise try with chole masala)
dried methi leaves - few for the flavor
salt - as required
Oil - 2 tbsp
clarified butter - 1tsp
water - as required to make the gravy consistency
Milk or cream or curd - a tbsp (optional)


Take a cup of green peas and allow it boil in the open kadai which will take 10 to 12 minutes by adding the salt as required and mean while , get ready with your paste 1 by adding the ingredients given in "paste1" by grinding it in the mixie jar and grind it to smooth paste. Once the green peas boiled strain the water completely and keep the green side aside.
Now heat the kadai and add the tsp of oil and fry the chopped onion till it cooks, do not saute till it turns brown, we want the onion to be cooked not fried or color changed, then allow it to cool completely , then grind the onion along with Cashew , grind in to smooth paste, if needed just sprinkle some milk.
Heat the kadai and add the oil and ghee once heat add the spices mentioned and saute for a minute , Then add the paste 1 (green chilly ginger garlic paste) and saute along with spices till the raw smell goes, Then add the finely chopped tomato and saute till it blends with the spices. 
Once tomato gets mushy , add the tomato puree and required amt of water allow it to boil once it starts bubble, then add the turmeric , subji masala and pav bhaji masala powder along with the red chilly and required amt of salt and mixes well and saute till everything blends well. 
Once it blends and the raw smell goes, add the paste 2 onion cashew paste, and mix well the color will change do not worry, then add the boiled green peas, If needed this stage u can add the curd , or milk or creeam of 2 tbsp for the rich gravy , allow it to be in the flame for five minutes. 
Now add the dried kasthuri methi leaves and mix well and off the flame and close the lid for 10 minutes.
So dhaba style masala ready serve hot with Roti / naan / phulka

Adding spices according to your choice. I used the home made tomato puree thats why it has blend color, Otherwise store bought gives more color. 

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