Health Benefits of Tender Coconuts / Karikku / Ilaneer

Coconuts are the fruits of the coconut trees which are found in surplus in the state of Kerala and elsewhere in India.  Their botanical name is Cocos nucifera and is the largest seed known to the humankind. Tender coconuts are nothing but the immature , unripe  coconut fruits  which have clear  liquid  with or without little flesh easily removable with a teaspoon, inside them.  the tender fleshy parts of the coconut are very sweet and fulfilling and it is also said that the tender coconuts are a complete food.

Tender coconuts are considered to be the blessings of nature for the people of the tropical countries, who uses the water for refreshing themselves, during the sweltering heat of the summer. This fluid stays hygenic inside the coconut shell  and should not be stored in any other container. It might get spoiled. Coconut water is said to help digestion, clears urinary path to ease te passing of urine and is also said to increase semen. Coconut water is a confirmed Diuretic. This can be effectively used in the treament for stones

of Kidney and the Urethra.

Other Benefits of tender coconuts

Glucose and Fructose are the two main ingredients of tender coconut water as well as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, Calcium, copper, sulphur, iron and chlorides.

Coconut water is excellant for dehydration problems.

This fluid can be used in treating the intestinal problems of the children as well as the adults.

It helps with the digestion and can be used for heartburns while pregnancy.

The fluid does a complete cure of some of the skin problems which come mainly due to heat like prickly heat and rashes which appear during summer days.  This reduces body temperature as well and cools .  This is an extra ordinary intravenous liquid by itself and can be given internally to revive patients.

This fluid can be used effectively in the mineral poisoning

So, please do drink tender coconut  or karikku or Ilaneer as it is called in malayalam and tamil respectively, particularly during the summer season. Whenever you go out have a tender coconut  opened for you instead of the aerated soft drinks you usually opt for. have the tender coconut water for once and you will become an addict for life.

Recipes with Tender coconuts

Karikku Appam




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