How To Make Moongodi (Moong Dal Badi / Wadi / Bari)

 Moongodi of Split Green Gram with Cover removed (Badi of Dhuli Moong Dal) Chilke wali dal ki Moongodi (Badi of Split Green Gram)
Moong dal is very tasty, nutritious and easy to digest. It is very rich in protein and if moong dal with its green cover / whole moong dal is used then its nutritional value increases many folds as the minerals and vitamins remain intact with the cover. Whole moong dal is sprouted and the sprouts are extremely healthy,  and apart from protein and minerals it becomes very rich in Vitamin C. Mungodi is one of the many ways moong dal can be included I the diet.  Mungodi is made to vegetable exactly like Badi / Vadi / Bari. Mungodi is a wonderful variation of moong dal savory and can be had with roti / parantha / rice. Mungodi fried or roasted with 2-3 drops of oil (Microwave) is a wonderful appetizer. My husband loves all form of Mungodi, thus I always stock it by making Mungodi at home.

Preparation Time: 2-3 hours (15 min. for grinding to paste, rest soaking time)
Making Time: 15 minutes
Drying Time: 1-2 days (Depends on the weather)
Servings: makes 250 gm. Mungodi

Ingredients required For Making Mungodi:
250 gm. Chilke Wali Moong dal / Dhuli Moong dal (Moong dal with green cover (Split Green gram / or yellow moong dal (Split Green gram with cover removed) Moong dal (Green Gram)Water
Directions For Making Mungodi (Moong Dal Badi / Vadi / Bari):
Wash moong dal nicely and soak it in excess of water for 2-3 hrs.minimum. (Can be soaked for 6-8 hrs.)Drain excess water and grind the dal to thick paste in a grinder-mixer. If water is required while grinding then it should be added in very very small proportions as moong dal grinds easily and quick.The paste should be thick.Paste of Moong Dal With Green Cover (Split Green gram paste)Paste of Dhuli Moong dal (Split green gram with its green cover removed)Take a steel plate/ plastic sheet. Oil the plate, not the plastic sheet.Take the dal paste in your fingers and using the thumb drop them to small rounds.Paste of Moong Dal made to small rounds Each portion of paste put on the plate/sheet should be at 2-3 mm. distance from each other.Keep the plate/ sheet with wet moongodi under the sun for drying.Moongodi drying under the sunMoongodi drying the sunIt will take two days if the temperature is 25-35oC and one day if the temperature is 35-45oC.Nicely scrape the almost dried moongodi from the surface on which they are drying. Turn them upside down and allow to dry for one day if the temperature is low else 4-5 hrs, of hot sun drying is enough.Moongodi scraped from the plate and kept for drying Ready for storingStore the dried moongodi in a airtight container / zip pouch.Make vegetable of Moongodi or just take handful moongodi add 3-4 drops of oil. Mix so that oil is coated on all moongodi. Micro wave them for just 30 sec. Turn them upside down with the help of spoon. Microwave for 30 sec. They will become golden brown. Sprinkle salt pepper/ red chili powder. Enjoy as snacks  appetizer with cocktails. 
Do not add strong smelling spices in dal paste of moongodi as the subtle flavor of moongodi will be over powered by them. Dal should be soaked nicely. When the soaked dal is pressed with finger nail it should be soft enough to break.Paste of soaked dal should be thick.Do not add water in large portions while grinding, add only when required, that also in very small portions.Scrape the moongodi from the plate / plastic sheet only when it is dry else it will get mashed to pulp and become useless.
Suggested variations:
Finely cut coriander sprigs / spinach / green chilies can be added to the dal paste before making moongodi.Red chili flakes can be added to the dal paste.

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