Jackfruit Cake Demonstration

My colleague asked me, why is my post so outdated now? I replied her that I haven't been baking lately. Actually it's only half true. I did bake...except that it was a repetitive bake that didn't warrant much attention. Lately, I've been so comfortable of not baking that I have become quite complacent. It's not very good for me physically and mentally though. I truly would love to bake more. However these were the excuses for not baking:

1) still too much CNY goodies;
2) not enough space in the kitchen to bake;
3) nobody wants to eat my bake as all most of them want to diet after a good CNY feasting;
4) CNY house visiting.

So, now that CNY is over, there should be no excuse for not baking. Good. Then, it's time again to attend workshops! That was exactly what I did on Sunday. Once again, my dear friend Doris arranged a demo workshop with Amy. There were five of us. These were three types of cakes demonstrated:

The reason it was called Triple Jackfruit cake was because jackfruit was used in the sponge cake, the mousse and a layer of crispy bites. Cool, isn't it? I tell you, while she was preparing the jackfruit, the scent of jackfruit filled the kitchen. Even though the number of steps and ingredients involved were really numerous, the taste of the cake really made the efforts worthwhile. The cake was heavenly!

The second cake demonstrated was the Green Tea Tiramisu cake. Green tea liquor was used. That was really cool too! The green tea colour was very natural. I like the overall colour. The mousse was very smooth, almost like having an ice-cream. I was given a cup of the left-over green tea mousse and I didn't have the chance to finish it, my son wobbled them down before I could take another spoonful!

Finally, the last of the cake was Japanese Cheesecake Stick. It was almost like our normal cheesecake. However, this type of cheesecake allows you to cut them up into rectangles and wrapped them up individually! I was telling Doris that I would like to try to bake this, then sell them! Looks pretty easy to wrap them up and sell. If I'm not wrong, the USP is around $2.80/pc. Good? more good thing about Amy is, Doris pestered her to prepare salad for us. Doris and I had been a great fan of all Amy's salads. We simply love them! So Amy obliged. Since it was "Yuan Siao Jie", she made vegetarian "Yu Sheng" for us. Isn't she fantastic? She made the sauce herself. We bugged her for the sauce recipe but she has yet to give us. It was very nice. I took a lot of servings. 

I've attended so many workshops from her, but so far, I've only baked the Chocolate Praline Cake. I must try to bake them, otherwise, in time to come, I'll definitely forget the steps and the know-how!

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