Light Cottage Cheese Rolls

When a batch of rolls turns out as heavenly as these, it makes my day.  I wasn?t expecting much from this recipe, as I thought the cottage cheese might make the rolls dense and heavy.  These turned out so light that I was scratching my head trying to figure out why.  You can draw your own conclusions...

I have a habit of stocking up on cottage cheese & sour cream when they are on sale.  The 16-oz containers keep well for months when stored upside down (on their lids) in my spare refrigerator.  When I came home with another sack full the other day, I decided it was time to free up space and use some.

I enjoy going on an internet scavenger hunt when I need to use a specific ingredient.  That?s what led me to this recipe on  As I mentioned before, I was skeptical that a yeast dough could be improved by adding something as heavy as cottage cheese.

Another unique thing about this recipe is that there is no added fat, and very little sugar.  When I noticed it called for baking soda, I decided that was what might save it from being extra heavy.

Since I didn?t want to find bits of cottage cheese in the baked rolls, I decided to use my food processor to make it creamy first.  I?m glad I did, although I still wonder if adding it in the ?curd? state would make any difference.  Any experience anyone?

The dough did seem very heavy after kneading it, but once risen - it had a light feel to it.  I made knot rolls (using the method described * HERE, if you are interested), but this dough would turn out well in any shape.  For a simpler version of a knot roll, try the link * HERE.

These turned out light, airy, and wonderful.  My testers consumed them all, and I must say I was really impressed myself.

For the recipe with step-by-step photos & directions, go to:

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