Boilar boney-boney con goolash (boiled pork bones dumped with veggies)

Main Dish
4 servings
30 min
45 min
(Filipino: Pinakuluang Buto-Buto Tinambakan ng Gulay)
(English: Boiled Bones Dumped with Veggies)

Start of nationwide classes and everybody’s pockets
are now almost empty.
Tuition fees, miscellaneous needs, uniforms, gadgets & paraphernalia
and allowances drained our once deep money pouch.
Time to create “austere” but mega healthy dish that our “schoolers”
will enjoy for lunch or lay-in center during family talks over dinner.

The cooking method is different in whi


Number of serving: 4


1 kilo “buto-buto”- chopped

(throw-away bones of pork (or beef) with little lean, cartilage

or tissues still attached)


1 small carrot – de skinned & sliced

3 pieces “ripe saging na saba” – de skinned chopped into 2 per piece.

(Cardava Banana or Saba Banana)

3 pieces “kamote” – de-skinned, wedged into 4 per piece

(sweet potatoes)

1 small bunch “bok choy” – cleaned & end joint-stem removed.

(Chinese cabbage, bok choi, pak choi)

1 small bunch of “wom bok – cleamed & end joint-stem removed.

(Chinese Napa cabbage or Baguio pechay)

½ of small cabbage – cut squarely

6-8 pieces Baguio beans – cut into 2 per piece

(or any beans you wish)


1 medium white onion – sliced

2 grams ground black pepper

20 ml. “patis” (fish sauce)

15 ml. soy sauce

5 grams fine salt

25 ml. EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Tap water


  • With just enough tap water to cover meat, boil “buto-buto”
    to desired tenderness. Remove from broth.Set aside drained meat & broth for later use. Heat EVOO and fry to almost well done state your bananas & sweet potatoes. Remove from oil & set aside.
  • In the same frying pan, sauté onion till translucent. Add in boiled meat, fried banana & sweet potatoes. Tumble and mix well for 2 minutes.
  • Add in “patis”, soy sauce, ground black pepper and salt.
    Tumble and mix well for 3 minutes to ensure full flavor absorption by meat. Add in more EVOO if need be.
    While on this stage, bring broth to a boil.
  • Once boiling, add in all in raw mats from the sautéing pan into broth. Continue boiling for another 2 minutes. Before end of 2 minutes, scoop in 2 pieces each banana & sweet potato.
    Crush to paste consistency and pour back unto boiling broth.
    (this system gives extra flavor & a bit of viscosity to soup).
  • Pour in other veggies. Turn off stove. Veggies will be half-cooked but nutritively crunchy.
  • Season with additional “patis” and/or black pepper if so desired.
  • Serve to loved ones a dish that is so healthy and highly economical.

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