Chicken 65 ( chicken marinaded in indian spices and deep fried)

Main Dish
4 servings
10 min
15 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
Chicken chunks -500gms

Ginger and Garlic paste-4 tablespoons

Yogurt/ Thick Curd-4 tablespoons

Turmeric powder-1/4 teaspoon

Red chilly powder-2 to 3 teaspoons

Red food color( if required)-pinch

Salt to taste


  • Take a large bowl mix in the ginger and garlic paste, curd, red chilly powder, turmeric powder, salt and food color.
  • Mix well to from smooth and thick paste, add the chicken pieces to the masala paste and marinaded for 4 hours.
  • Heat enough oil to deep fry the marinaded chicken pieces.
  • Deep fry the chicken pieces in batches till crisp and golden color. Garnish with sliced onions, green chilly and slice of lemon.

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