Open ravioli with lamb bolognaise

Main Dish
6 servings
30 min
50 min


Number of serving: 6

250gm flour

15 egg yolk

1 teaspoon olive oil

salt and pepper


Tomato Sauce:

300gm whole peel tomato

20gm onion

20gm garlic

20gm shallots

20gm Basil

2tbsp corn oil

Salt and pepper


To caramelize the minced lamb:

500gm minced lamb

3tbsp corn oil

30gm mixed herbs

Salt and pepper


Caramelized the veggies:

50gm carrots

50gm celery

50gm onion

50 gm fennel

20gm fresh parsley

3tbsp corn oil


Additional Ingredients:

2tbsp extra virgin olive oil

30gm garlic

30gm shallots

50gm cherry tomato

10gm basil

50gm parmesan cheese

150ml tomato sauce

30gm thai's chilies

Salt and pepper.


  • Step 1 - Open Ravioli with Lamb Bolognaise
    Mixed all to make a dough.

    Roll thin with roller and make a round shape.

    Boiled to cook per serving.
  • Step 2 - Open Ravioli with Lamb Bolognaise
    Heat up a pot and put in corn oil and then saute onion, garlic and shallot to fragrance or slightly brown color, and then add in tomato.

    Brings to boiled and simmer for about 30 minute.
  • Whisk the sauce using hard wired whisk.

    Add in Basil and check on seasoning, continue simmering for about 10 minute.

    Keep in a bowl or container.
  • Step 4 - Open Ravioli with Lamb Bolognaise
    Heat up a medium size pot on a high fire and pour corn oil.

    Put minced lamb and herbs in and stir until caramelized, seasoning to taste.

    Again, keep it in a bowl or container.

    You may let it cool down, its alright.
  • 4)
    Minced all veggies.

    Heat up a pot again, add in corn oil, add the veggies.

    Cook veggies to caramelized and yes, put in a bowl or in plastic bag... kidding.
  • Step 6 - Open Ravioli with Lamb Bolognaise
    Heat up a pot , add in EVOO.

    Saute garlic and shallots to light brown color.

    Add in caramelized lamb, stir.

    Add in tomato sauce and stir.
  • Cook until boiled add in chilies, cherry tomatoes and basil.

    Add in more tomato sauce when its dry and lastly parmesan, leave some parmesan for garnish.

    Check taste, add salt and pepper to taste.


Open Ravioli with Lamb Bolognaise, photo 1
Open Ravioli with Lamb Bolognaise, photo 2
Open Ravioli with Lamb Bolognaise, photo 3


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