Spinach Sambhar with sweet cabbage Stir-fry

Main Dish
2 servings
20 min
25 min
Very Easy




  • Wash and cook finely chopped Spinach, Tomato and Toor Dal together with a pinch of Turmeric powder in a pressure cooker up to 3 whistles.
  • Meanwhile chop the small onions finely and keep aside until needed.
  • Meanwhile when it is cooking, soak Tamarind in 1/2 cup of water and microwave for 1 minute, do not try to squeeze tamarind extract immediately you can add another 1/4 cup of water and squeeze the tamarind juice, if you can handle the hot water or leave it a few minutes, until you are comfortable with the water and squeeze the juice out of it.
  • Take a broad vessel heat a cup of water, Once it starts boiling, add the tamarind extract allow it boil for few more minutes until the raw smell disappears in a medium flame, be careful otherwise it darkens the vessel ! around the sides. keep an eye on it.
  • By that time if the cooker has cooled down, remove the tomato and keep it aside but for the spinach-Toordal mixture , with a masher give a light mash, so both of them combine together very well then add this to the cooking vessel, Immerse a ladle in it, so when it is boiling it won't spill out, still keep it a very medium flame and keep stirring now and then so it wont' get stuck to the bottom, because it might start to thicken.
  • Now Grind everything under the Grind together heading, with the cooked Tomato into a smooth paste with the help of 1/2 cup of water dissolve it well and add it to the cooking greens, mix well and let it boil, add required quantity of salt and asafoetida.
  • Now take a wok heat oil, add mustard seeds once they crackle up add the chopped onions and curry leaves and fry for few minutes until they are transparent add this to the cooking greens and dal mix well, and Now your sambhar is ready to be served with papad or dry curry of your choice.
  • Take a bowl with water, chop the cabbage finely and put it into the water, give one wash and drain all the water and keep aside.
  • In a wok heat oil, add mustard seeds once they crackle add everything under Tempering and saute for a minute the colour of the dals change, or you smell a nice aroma, Now add the chopped cabbage and curry leaves and mix well.
  • In a low flame cook the cabbage without any water, if you find it too dry sprinkle just a fistful of water.


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