Spinach and cabbage soup

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- Cabbage - 2 cups
- Spinach - 1 cup
- Whole Wheat Pasta - handful/ half cup
- Garlic - 4 Big pods
- Veg/Chicken broth - 3 cups
- Oil - 1 tsp
- Salt - to taste
- Green chilli 3 slit length wise


Step 1

Heat the oil.

Step 2

Add the minced garlic and Green chilli and fry it for 1-2 mins.

Step 3

Now add the cabbage, spinach and the broth.

Step 4

Add the pasta when the broth comes to boil.

Step 5

Cook until the pasta is well done.

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So good! I doubled the recipe since there are 3 of us. I added 2 boneless chicken breasts (diced) which created a broth. I didn't have a green chilli, but I did have a jalapeno I seeded and finely chopped. Used Olive oil and sea salt. Flavors were wonderful! Good job Brinda!

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