Tips to light & crunchy fish & chips

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1 Dory fillet
½ cup Self-raising flour
½ tbsp Corn flour
½ Egg
1 tsp Cooking oil
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Pepper
Water for batter
Oil for deep-frying
Corn flour for coating

French fries
Mixed vegetables (buttered)
Tartar sauce/Mayonnaise


1) Soak Dory in salt water for at least 30 mins. Drain & pat dry. Season with pinch of salt/pepper.

2) Mix self-raising & corn flour, oil, salt & pepper. Beat egg & pour half into flour mixture.

3) Add ice water & cubes slowly & whisk into a smooth batter. Adjust water accordingly.

4) Heat oil. Ensure oil is hot enough for deep-frying by sticking your chopsticks into wok. Temperature is right when you see bubbles.

5) Deep fry the fries till golden brown, leaving 1 behind for testing the batter. Drain & set aside. Meanwhile, steam or microwave the mixed vegetables & add butter for flavour.

6) Tip: Test out to see if you’re happy with the batter by coating 1 french fries with corn flour, then dip into batter to deep-fry.

7) If you’re satisfied, do the same with the Dory fillet. For that extra crisp, I’d always adopt the Chinese way of returning the food into hot oil for a quick dip just before serving! Viola, the result is a light & crispy seafood dish to go with your sides!

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