Mini Rolo Tarts - Too Simple ?

Thank you to the girl I was chatting to in Lakeland the other week for this recipe.... I met you next to all the baking equipment as I looked for a pastry tamper. I'm sorry I couldn't stay - but when a toddler wants fed ... it's URGENT.

For the rest of you - I think you are starting to get the picture. Oliver had been SO good but was starting to get rather hungry for his lunch. Toddlers are not keen on shopping of any description. The pastry tamper shown above did not come from Lakeland - they did not have such a beast. Instead, it came from Looses Cook Shop in Norwich.

The girl I spoke to who was also shopping in Lakeland suggested I give this recipe a go and waxed lyrical about it. She swore Oliver would love it - and I really think he will.... (IF there are any left in the morning !)

These little Rolo tarts are so easy to make. Get your pen and paper ready - you may want to write down the ingredients incase you forget.

1 pack of sweet shortcrust pastry (I used Sainsbury's)
3 packets of Rolos (there are 10 in a pack)
1 packet of white chocolate buttons


You'll need a 24 hole mini muffin silicone mould, or equivalent in traditional tin.

Divide pastry into 24 balls and place each ball in the cell of a mini muffin tin. There is absolutely NO need to grease or line the cells. Press down with a tamper and mini cases miraculously appear.

I then put my whole tray in the freezer for an hour or so as this helps the cases stay in a nice shape. I never bother blind baking anything these days - and cases this small would be a real fiddle otherwise.

Remove from fridge / freezer and pop a Rolo into each pastry case.

Then put the mould on a tray into the oven at 200deg C fan for approx 12 mins.

When you take it out, put a white chocolate button on top.

That's it.... but believe me - they are little mouthfulls of yumminess. Somebody's been at them already - there are 4 empty ones in the tray. Wonder where they went to :whistlesinthewind: -  Who me ????

Sarah-Jane Nash, -the silicone cook shop. Cookware and bakeware. May 2010

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