No Knead Cracked Wheat, Banana & Chocolate Bread

I tried making bread using some soaked cracked wheat yesterday along with some leftover over ripen bananas and few chopped dark chocolate pieces as a no knead version, this bread tastes truly fabulous, eventhough its goes for no kneading this bread turned out super spongy...This bread suits prefectly awesome for breakfast,for brunch at the same time even for snacks..This bread doesnt need any spreads to enjoy eventhough everyone at home enjoyed having this bread along with strawberry jam and honey..Healthy bread to enjoy anytime...Sending this healthy bread to Sanjeeta's WWC-Whole Wheat in Breakfast..

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Cracket Wheat,Banana & Chocolate Bread

1cup Cracked wheat (soaked for two hours)

2cups Whole wheat flour

1no Banana (over ripen)

250grs Chocolate bar (chopped)

1tbsp Active dry yeast

1/2cup Luke warm water

1tsp Salt

1/4cup Sugar

1/4cup Apple sauce

3tbsp Cooking oil

Mix the active dry yeast in luke warm water with salt and a teaspoon of sugar,keep aside for few minutes until the yeast turns foamy..meanwhile take the cracked wheat,whole wheat flour,mashed bananas,chopped chocolate pieces in a bowl, beat the sugar,oil and apple sauce for few minutes until the sugar gets dissolved, now gradually add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients using a spatula until everything turn as a sticky dough..

Keep dough in a warm place for two hours covered with a damp cloth, until they double their volume..Preheat the oven to 350F, grease a loaf mould and transfer the sticky dough to the mould,arrange the mould in middle rack of the oven,bake for 25-30minutes until the crust turns golden brown..

Let them cool completely and enjoy the bread with any spread..

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