Chirotis in badam milk(my version)

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Chiroti is one of the famous sweets in Karnataka. This belongs to pathir peni like delicacies usually served with flavoured milk.


- Sooji/semolina/Rava - 1cup
- Maida - 1cup
- Oil - 2tablespoon
- Water - required for making dough
- Sugar - 1cup
- Milk - 4cups
- Badam Mix - 2tablespoon
- Badam(finely chopped) - 1tablespoon
- Sugar balls - 1tablespoon
- Salt a pinch
- Oil for deep frying
- Rice Flour - 1tablespoon
- Ghee - 1tablespoon


Step 1

Knead a soft dough out of maida, semolina, 1tablespoon of oil and salt using water. Apply oil on the Dough and Keep it aside for an hour.

Step 2

Make small balls and roll them as u do for chapatis. Make a paste with rice flour and ghee.

Step 3

Now it is time to make layers. Place a chapati on the plate, apply some rice flour and ghee paste on it. Place another chapati on top and do the same till the last chapati is done.

Step 4

Roll the layered chappati. Now cut the roll into round pieces. Take a piece and roll it a little.u can see the layers when you roll. Deep fry in oil.

Step 5

Chirotis are ready. You can store them in an air tight container.

Step 6

Badam Milk:
Reduce 1 litre milk to 1/2 litre. Add sugar,badam mix,badam flakes. Refrigerate. Soak the chirotis in this badam milk and garnish with sugar balls. Chill and serve.

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