Chocolate calamari soup: weird is good

2 servings
Very Easy
45 min



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Preparation25 min
Cook time20 min
  • In a little pot, sweat the onions in the melting butter.
  • Add the chill flakes, the coriander and the lovage seeds, stirring and letting infuse for roughly 5 minutes; add then the garlic and the calamari.
  • Let the calamari cook thoroughly and toast a bit without letting the garlic burn though! Now add the carrot and the diced tomato, seeds and all.
  • Stir the base until the tomato starts to break down, add then the water and cook at a simmer till the mixture will be reduced to 1/2.
  • Out of the fire, add 5g of chocolate roughly chopped and whisk till nicely melt. Season it with salt and add a little bit extra chocolate if needed.
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