Kuih bom keledek/sweet potato bombs

6 servings
Very Easy
40 min




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Preparation20 min
Cook time20 min
  • To cook the filling:
    Mix grated coconut, sugar solution and pandan leaves and cook over the stovetop or in the microwave until well combined and thickened slightly.
  • Remove the pandan leaves and add in the glutinous rice solution and mix well. Cook further until the glutinous rice is totally cooked and thickened. Taste and adjust sweetness.Cool before using.
  • To make the dough:
    Mix the all-purpose flour and the glutinous rice flour together with the mashed sweet potatoes. Add in water a little at a time until a dough forms. Knead until it is smooth.
  • Divide dough into 1 inch balls.Flatten a ball and fill with 1 teaspoon of coconut filling, bring the edges together and seal well. Repeat until all the balls are done.Heat vegetable oil to 350f.
  • While oil is heating, drop one filled ball at a time in a bowl of water, then roll it with sesame seeds. Continue this procedure until all filled balls are done.
  • Deep-fry the balls until golden brown. Do not crowd otherwise the balls will be soggy.
  • Serve balls slightly warm or at room temperature.
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KUIH BOM KELEDEK/Sweet Potato Bombs KUIH BOM KELEDEK/Sweet Potato Bombs - photo 2


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