Romanian eggplant salad

5 servings
60 min


Number of serving: 5
3 large eggplants

vegetable oil

salt and pepper

slices of tomatoes


  • Pierce your eggplant with a fork. Make several piercing to avoid explosion.

    Roast until its soft enough and water is starting to drip.

    Let it cool to handle and peel it.
    Drain it in a strainer for about 30 minutes to drain all the water that makes your eggplant bitter.

    Finely chop your eggplant with a knife. Some use a wooden knife to mash it but a regular knife will do. Do not put it in a food cutter or food processor no matter how tired you are. It will break the seeds and your salad will be bitter.

    Transfer into a large bowl. Put salt and pepper. Gently pour a generous amount of oil; mix well with a fork.

    Mix it until fluffy enough to eat. The color will change gradually as you put oil and mix. It will look more paler and softer.

    Arrange your tomatoes on top and serve.


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