The Crepe Cafe & Caribou Coffee

Thrusday 21st, The start of the weekend!!
After work in the evening! we decided to hangout at Crepe Cafe.
Our Order was :
Norwegian Crepe -Smoked Salmon with fresh asparagus/spinach topped with lashing of creamy bechamel sauce and 2 slices of lemon ( i asked for without asparagus/spinach)
Jumbo Hot Dog Crepe -which is a jumbo hotdog wrapped with crepe and topped off with tomato sauce and mustard sauce and cheese.
Creme Dessert Crepe-is filled with yummylicious custard topped of with blue berries & raspberries and icing sugar with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the side.

Everything as usual was delicious!!
The Norwegian Crepe had smoked salmon and so the salmon smelled a little but once the lemon hits it becomes fine...the Jumbo Hot Dog was nice but the cheese wasnt melted enough and it tasted weird...The Creme Dessert Crepe as always is one of the best they have :)
Also a special note: please please people when u go out to eat and you know alot about food and the standard of food then dont sit and harass the poor waiter for no reason...they are just doing their job and you keeping him waiting listening to your boring conversation of how salmon is not halal or how berries are not fresh and frozen is not very important coz he has other customers to attend...asking relevent question about the menu and the ingredients involving the selected item is fine or engaging in a normal conversation is alot like human to do but literally telling the waiter that no he is wrong with the menu and speaking loud and boastfully is just not polite...
Offical Website...
More on The Crepe Cafe with B&D...
Friday 22nd, After a long day of sleep we decided to finally get up and meet up for coffee and so we went towards avenues...but somehow it was super packed and really there was no parking at all we decided to go to the airport caribou...
Our Order:
Medium Campfire mocha and small white hot chocolate.
This is our regular's and we love it!!
More of Caribou Coffee with B&D...
Also i came accross a really cool offer in Caribou they are topping it up with the classic Cheesecake with a selection of toppings from Mint chocolate to marshmellows with only 300fils :)
On 23rd Saturday, we wennt to ahmadi for the banks cricket match.. CBK vs KIB and CBK won!!! yupieeeeeeee!!! congrats to the whole cbk cricket team :)

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