Chicken Broccoli Curry - from casseroles of yesteryear...

Here's a hearty St. Patrick's Day meal.  Lots of green (under cover)

This recipe is from the good old days when the CASSEROLE reigned in it?s glory.  It really is a great one-dish-meal though - in spite of the bad press the ?casserole? typically gets.  Today I tried using broccoflower instead - a cross between broccoli and cauliflower.  The touch of curry gives it a warm, rich flavor.

Over thirty two years ago my husband was finishing up his college degree.  We spent our first two years as newlyweds in married student housing - complete with our induction into budget cooking.  It was in the seventies when casseroles were all the rage.  And not just any casserole - but the ones with creative TOPPINGS.  Do crushed potato chips, cornflakes, and other ?budget? ingredients ring a bell with any of you from my generation?

This was the hot recipe in 1978 in many of the Relief Society cookbooks - with at least three different versions of the same recipe.  I still have my original tattered pink mimeographed cookbook... ?BYU 44th Ward? in carefully hand-scripted calligraphy on the front & scattered throughout with inspirational quotes.  This same recipe had three different titles in that book:  Chicken Licken, Chicken Delight, and Chicken Divan.  I gave it my ?real life? title listed above - so boringly simple!

Whenever I make this - it brings back memories of balancing the checkbook (almost daily), NEVER throwing out any leftovers, and making agonizing decisions every time I went grocery shopping.  I can?t believe I?m saying this - but I miss those days.

This isn?t health food (as you can tell) with the cream soups, real mayonnaise, and BUTTERY bread cubes.  But it makes a great comfort-food meal.  You can?t judge it fairly until it?s bubbling hot on your plate - the flavor is hard to describe.

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