Homemade mint syrup

20 servings
24 hours
10 min
Very Easy
Have a lot of mint in your garden? Make a syrup with it, and enjoy a refreshing drink when you are thirsty!


Number of serving: 20
4 cups water

5 cups sugar

2 bunches of fresh mint


Glass bottle


  • Step 1 - Homemade mint syrup
    Put the water and the sugar in a pot, and bring to a boil.
  • Step 2 - Homemade mint syrup
    Once it is boiling, add the cleaned mint bunches, and leave to simmer for 10 minutes. Then, take out of the heat, cover the pot, and leave to macerate for 24 hours.
  • Step 3 - Homemade mint syrup
    Strain the mix to take the leaves out.
  • Step 4 - Homemade mint syrup
    There you are, add some syrup to a glass of a water and enjoy this refreshing drink!




Homemade mint syrup, photo 1Homemade mint syrup, photo 2


Conservation : Keep it 2 months in the fridge

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