Indonesian famous instant noodle, How to cook it in healthy way

Indomie is a very famous instant noodle brand  in Indonesia and it makes other instant noodle brands called as indomie as well.
There is another brand named "Mie Sedap" that also tasty and a lot different names for instant noodle. 
Stop here, I am not going to promote any instant noodle. But just for reference only.

Instant noodle is a very easy to cook but you can make it healthier by adding some vegetables in the soup.

I do not really into instant noodle again ... All good food start from scratch but as an Indonesian, I'd like to bring this recipe to mix with an instant noodle.

- a package of instant noodle
- 1 egg 
- quarter of a carrot 
- 1 tomato
- 100 grams of green vegetable (chinese cabbage, pokcoy, string beans)
- 2 onion

- 1 garlic
- 10 cm of spring onion
- 2 green chillies or 1 big red / big green chilli (if you like spicy food) 
- a bowl of water
- 2 tsp of cooking oil 

Preparation method:
1. Chop all the carrot, onions, garlic, spring onion and chillies. Cut the tomato into 4 pieces.
2. Boil the water in a pan and when the water boils then crack the egg in the pan and turn the heat lower to avoid the bubble out of the pan because of the egg.
3. In another pan, heat the cooking oil in the low heat and stir the garlic and onion. 
4.When the egg cooked, add the instant noodle in the pan, transfer the stirred garlic in to the soup and add the carrot, vegetables, tomato and chillies until all of the cooked, usually about 2 minutes. 
I love the vegetables al dente, so I do not boil it too long.
5. When it is cooked, turn off the flame, add the spring onion and cover it with the pan cover.
6. Take a bowl, place the instant powder ingredients in the bowl, transfer the noodle soup and add the stirred onion on top of the soup. 
7. Optional : add a little bit of soy sauce, chili sauce and squish a little bit of lime.
8. Serve hot.

PS: Do not forget to add the magic ingredients "LOVE" to every dish. 

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