Jane Asher Creations - Milky bar & Rolo chocolate Brownie Mix

Another trick to bake brownies and cupcakes in no time for those of you who's always on run and need a last minute preparation...Or for those lovely romantic men out there who wants to suprise or just pamper their loved ones or just bake it for themselves :P
I love TSC ..its like they have it all!! i found these Jane Asher Creations and could not take my eyes off it!! it was calling out to me!! i bought them to give it a try plus i was late so i wanted to bake a fresh batch before my friends had come...i love the smell of cookies , cupcakes and brownies at home.. :)
Super easy to make and was ready in no time....instructions are mentioned on the back of the box and plus each of it came with all the necessities
The Milkybar mix contained the the mix , icing and milkybar buttons to decorate it.
The Rolo Brownie Mix had the mix and the Rolo's sufficient to top it off .
The only effort by us side is to mix the dry ingredients with the wet ones and bake it!! the usual :)

Let me warn you that these are yummylicious!! totally worth it!!
Each box costs around KD 1.000 or something...i cant really remember the price..

While i was searching for Jane Asher i came accross the following:
Jane Asher (born 5 April 1946) is an English actress and musician. She has also developed a second career as a cake decorator and own a cake shop!! plus all the brand mix with Victoria food..
I am completely in love with her..super multi talented...a power house!!

Jane Asher Creations by Victoria Foods...
Jane Asher on Wiki...
Jane Ashers offical website...

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