Kinilaw na Balat (Sea Cucumber)

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Over the weekend, we went to Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte and sampled fresh and delicious foodies in the area.. To start with our food journey in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte is Kinilaw na Balat.. Balat, or Sea Cucumber is abundant in this area in Mindanao..
The first time I saw the "Balat", I took notice of how "different" they looked from all other sea foods. I thought it was some kind of  mollusk or something. But since Sea Cucumber would not register to mind yet, I got really blank every time "Balat" is mentioned. Actually, there are many kinds of Sea Cucumber and this one that was prepared for us by the Garcia family, is called "Mani-mani" because of how it looked. It is no bigger that a peanut pod, cut in smaller pieces to be made into kinilaw na balat.

The procedure is actually the same as making traditional Filipino Kinilaw, where vinegar, onions and ginger are used. Plus seasoning of course. You will need a deep bowl to mix everything together.. But when this kinilaw will be served, it should be on a more shallow saucer so vinegar will not cook the "balat". 

When we ate this foodie, that was when I knew it was something worth devouring..  It tasted like Beef Kilawin.. Swear! I also learned from my mom that the pansit we order from the Chinese restaurants have "balat" as an ingredient. The family patriarch also told us that we can cook Humba using the bigger "balat", and it tastes equally good as the pork Humba.. unfortunately, the "libud" (peddler) did not go around the village the next day..

To learn more about "Balat", CLICK ON THIS VIDEO..


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