How to cook a hamburger?

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How to cook a hamburger?
Main Dish
1 servings
Very Easy
4 min

Do you want to achieve the perfect cooking for your hamburger? Today Petitchef gives you his best tips for a juicy ground steak on the inside and well grilled on the outside! :-)




  • 1 skillet


Preparation2 min
Cook time2 min
  • Preheat your skillet over high heat with the fat of your choice (butter or olive oil).
  • Salt and pepper one side of the hamburger.
  • Place the burger in the pan on the salty/pepper side and let brown for 1 minute.
  • Turn your steak over and season it on the second side.
  • Let it cook for 1 additional minute and lower the heat (medium heat) to cook the burger thoroughly.
  • And there you are!
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What is the cooking time for frozen hamburger?
The pan should always be preheated over high heat, cook the burger (still frozen) for 1 minute on each side (previously seasoned). After caramelizing both sides, lower the heat and cook your burgerfor 5 to 6 minutes, turning it regularly.

How long can I store it in the refrigerator?
For hamburgers purchased fresh, it is imperative to eat it quickly (24 hours maximum).

Can you cook your burger in the microwave?
It is not recommended to cook your ground beef in the microwave. Indeed, the result would be a gray and dry meat.

Olive oil or butter?
It depends on the fat content of your hamburger, for a burger with little fat, butter is an option that gives extra greediness and juiciness.
On the contrary, if your meat is more fatty, opt for olive oil which will bring supplements which are not present in the meat since it is not an animal fat.


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