How to cook an artichoke in water?

The artichoke is one of the star vegetables of spring, but we don't always know how to properly prepare it to enjoy it. Today we give you the secrets of super simple cooking method, which requires almost no preparation!

Main Dish
2 servings
2 min
40 min
Very Easy




  • Casserole


  • Break the stem of the artichokes flush with the leaves.
  • Plunge the artichokes upside down into a pot of salted boiling water, making sure they are well blocked so that they do not turn over during cooking.
  • When boiling again, allow about 25 minutes for small artichokes and 30 to 40 minutes if they are larger.
  • In order to check the cooking, you can pull a sheet and if there is no more resistance, it is cooked!

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Why cook the artichoke upside down?
This allows the artichoke to soak faster and eliminate as much water as possible.

How to eat artichoke leaves?
Remove the leaves one by one and scrape the leaf with your teeth to release the flesh. Artichoke leaves can be served with mayonnaise, vinaigrette or aioli sauce.

How to eat artichoke hearts?
Artichoke hearts can be eaten hot and cold, on a pie, a pizza or in a salad.


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