Kumbakonam kadappa (potato gravy from the city of kumbakonam)

Main Dish
4 servings
20 min
25 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
6 to 7 Medium sized Potatoes

1/2 cup Moong dal

1 Medium sized onion

2 Green chillies

2 pods of Garlic

salt as required

1/4 tsp of Turmeric powder

6 to 7 sprigs of fresh Coriander leaves

1 tbsp of Lemon/Lime Juice

A few curry Leaves

A Pinch of Asafoetida

1/4 cup grated fresh coconut

2 Garlic pods

3 Green chillies

1'' Cinnamon stick

2 tbsp Daria dal/Pottukadalai/Roasted split Gram dal/Chutney dal

1 tbsp Poppy seeds

1 tbsp Coriander seeds

1 tbsp of Oil

1 tsp Mustard seeds

1 tsp Cumin seeds


  • Chop the onions, garlic and keep them ready.
  • Cook the potatoes in advance, cook in the pan after the tempering is done directly.
  • Cook the potatoes before in the pressure cooker, remove the skin and set aside. When cooking potatoes, bake in moong dal in a separate container with 1 cup of water into the pressure cooker and kept aside too.
  • Now, all the header Grind Grind into a smooth paste with the help of 1/2 cup of water and keep on hand too.
  • Take a pan / kadai deep, heat the oil cs add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds and when they start to splutter add the chopped onions and garlic and fry until that they are transparent, then add curry leaves give a slight stirring, then add the cooked potatoes and Moong dal and then at around 3 to 4 cups water depending on how thick or thin you want, add more of water and as a sauce for a Dosa then add the required amount of salt.
  • With another 1/4 cup water I made a slurry of the earth Masala and Dal added to the cooking of the potatoes, stir well to allow to simmer for a few minutes, until the raw smell disappeared and began thickening the sauce.


Kumbakonam kadappa (Potato Gravy from the city of Kumbakonam), photo 1
Kumbakonam kadappa (Potato Gravy from the city of Kumbakonam), photo 2


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