Plantain stem soup/vazhaithandu soup

Main Dish
4 servings
20 min
15 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
Plaintain Stem/Vazhaithandu , 1

Water , 5cups

Garlic(finely chopped) , 1pod

Ginger(Finely chopped) , a small piece

Onion(Finely chopped) ,1tablespoon

Spring Onion(Finely chopped) , 1tablespoon

Coriander Leaves(Finely chopped) , 2tablespoon

Vegetable stock cube ,1(dissolve in water)

Cumin/Jeera Powder , 1teaspoon

Corn Flour ,1teaspoon dissolved in 2teaspoons milk or water.

Ajinamoto, a pinch

Pepper for taste

Salt for taste.

Butter , 1tablespoon


  • Heat butter in a sauce pan.Add garlic and ginger and saute for 1min.
  • Add onion and springonions.saute for 2minutes. Add Plantain stem and saute for 5mins.
  • Add Plantain stem and saute for 5minutes.
  • Add water and cumin powder bring it to boil.close it with a lid and allow plantain stem to cook.
  • Once plantain stem is half done,add stock cube,required salt and stir it continuously for 2minutes.
  • Now add cornflour which is dissolved in water and stir continously till it comes to soup consistency.
  • Finally add a pinch of Ajinamoto and pepper for taste.Garnish with Coriander leaves. Serve either with masala papad,salad,corn flakes or soup stick.


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