Rawon (Indonesian Dark Beef Soup)

Main Dish
4 servings
30 min
30 min




  • Clean the beef and boil it in the water in a saucepan until almost tender
    Remove the beef from the saucepan and cut into small cubes.
    Grind all spices except lemongrass and galan­gal then sauté at medium tem­per­a­ture.
    Put the spice into the boil­ing beef stock in the saucepan
    Add lemongrass and galan­gal
    Put back the beef cubes into the saucepan
    Cook through until the beef is really tender

    To make the Bean Sprouts Sambal

    Ingredients: 3 red chillies, 5 g of roasted shrimp-paste, pinch of salt and a cup of short beansprout
    Grind the red chillies, roasted shrimp-paste, and salt, then add the bean sprouts. Mix well

    Serve Rawon warm with steam rice, salted egg, bean sprouts sam­bal, fried shrimp crackers


Rawon (Indonesian Dark Beef Soup), photo 1
Rawon (Indonesian Dark Beef Soup), photo 2




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