Nolen Gurer Eggless Mousse

The season of Indulgence is here. It is the perfect time of the year to dig into recipe books and bring out those spicy and sweet treats. For me there is always a reason to experiment with something sweet!
During Diwali, a reader asked me to suggest her a Nolen gurer souffle recipe which she fondly remembers relishing at a famous sweet shop in Kolkata 'Balaram Mallick & Radharam Mallick'. Having found my love in cooking/baking very recently i.e. around 3 years, I had not yet heard of this delicacy leave alone tasting it. The season's gem was bought and thus began my trials with it. I experimented on my Mango mousse recipe by simply substituting mango for Nolen gur. The result was great with a wonderful and smooth texture but this time I wanted to experiment on an eggless recipe. This recipe is adapted from Tarla Dalal's website and worked amazingly good for an eggless version.

Ingredients : For 3-4 servings
1 cup paneer1/2 cup whipped cream 1/2 cup grated Nolen gur/Date palm jaggeryNolen gur shavings for garnishing
Procedure :
Dissolve Nolen gur in 2-3 tbsp warm milk.
Blend paneer in a blender till smooth. Do not add any water. 
Mix paneer with the dissolved nolen gur. 
Gently fold in the whipped cream.
Pour in serving bowls and refrigerate for 1-2 hours to set. 
Garnish with Nolen gur shavings.

Nolen gurer mousse(egg based)
This was my first trial with egg whites as the base. I simply substituted in my tried and tested Mango Mousse recipe.

A big thanks to Parvati Sinha, the reader who gave me the inspiration to try this wonderful recipe. 

Happy Mousse relishing

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