Oreo Chocolate Kisses Loaf Cake

Oh!! I miss my cakes so much!! I have not been reporting to my cake blog since the start of the June School Holiday.... seriously, I was enjoying this June School Holiday with my 2 girls to the ultimate :D We went out almost everyday for the past month and I have not bake anything till today :P

This is a simple to make, easy to decorate & nice to eat cake ;-) best of all, me and my gals love it to bits :D
**Minus point for this cake** ~ remember to brush your teeth after eating this.... else u'll look as if u have tooth decay :P heheeee :D

Ingredients & Method
Sponge Cake (makes 2 Loaf cakes of Tin Size: 20cm x 7cm x 7cm)
I used Optima flour for this sponge cake... usually I will measure 220g of the optima flour, then I'll sieve it at least 3 times to filter out the sugar... as the premix is often far too sweet for my taste-bud :P as for the excess sugar?? I throw them away :P
Using a electric mixer, mix 180g Optima Flour, 3 eggs and 25g water @ highest speed for about 8-10mins. Turn to lowest speed, mix in 25g melted butter. Line Cake Tin with baking paper, pour batter in & bake @ 180 for 25-30 mins.

Turn out the cooked cake on cooling rack, gently peel off the baking paper. Allow cake to cool on rack for at least 20mins, put inside freezer for 30-45mins. Cut the loaf cake into 3 slices.

Whipped Cream
Using Electric mixer, beat 250g of whipping cream @ medium speed for about 8-10 mins till u get a soft peak effect on the beater.

Spread the whipped cream on slice No. 1, topped with chocolate kisses, chips, rice or even oreo crumbs (watever u like ;-)) Stack on top slice No. 2 and repeat procedure.... then stack slice No. 3, spread a thicker layer of whipped cream on top and also the 4 sides of the cake.

Crushed Oreo Topping
Using hand or food processor, crush about 30 oreo cookies into crumbs or bits texture (up to your preference)

Shower the creamed cake with the oreo crumbs till its all covered up.... put the cake back to the fridge to set for at least 2hrs before serving....

~ ENJOY!! ;-) ~

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