Sprouted ragi,moong,wheat & almonds porridge for kids

4 servings
25 min
15 min
Very Easy



Sprouted Ragi,moong, wheat & almonds powder:


  • Wash Ragi,Moong & wheat thoroughly after cleaning(separately), then keep wet ingredients closed in an air tight container for 2 - 3 days until they sprout. Shade dry the sprouted ragi,moong & wheat. Dry roast the almonds make powder and keep aside.
  • Once the ragi,moong & wheat are completely dry then dry roast them lightly until you can smell the roasted aroma of the respective.
  • Cool and powder them in a mixer grinder and mix along with almonds powder and sieve 2 -3 times. Store powder in an air tight jar/ can be stored for up to 4 - 6 months.
  • Take 2 - 3 tbsp of ragi in a small cup & mix in 1/4 cup of water, set aside.

    Bring the remaining cup of water to boil and slowly add the ragi mixed in water to the boiling water while you stir continuously to avoid formation of lumps.
  • Continue stirring ,you will notice the mixture becoming thicker, now add milk while you stir continuously & then add jaggery to the mixture and allow to mix cook well.
  • Keep on low flame for about 5 mins, cool to desirable temperature,add ghee and feed your child.
  • You could even use dried grapes and almonds or pistas or cashews for garnish or toppings but my daughter loves it just plain and simple.

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