Puffy, Fluffy Spinach and Green Chilli Puris

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Puris (plural) [also spelt ?pooris?] are a kind of unleavened Indian flatbread which are hugely popular at weddings. They are typically kept plain or spiced with turmeric and chillies and always, always deep fried. They are beautifully soft, puffy and fluffy and can be eaten with curries, rice, soups, sweet yogurt (shrikhand) and even rolled and dipped in sweet chai for breakfast. You can eat them hot, warm or cold, although I prefer them balloon-like, straight from the hot wok (which I use to deep fry in).

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Fluffy. My tormentor.

I?ve flavoured these puris with fresh leaf spinach and green chillies which I pureed with a little boiling water. The only problem is that now I can?t stop finding excuses to devour one every time I wander into the kitchen. Don?t call the psychiatrist just yet, though. First, make them and wait to see if the same thing happens to you. If it does, then you're welcome. Donations are also welcome, as are love letters (to be sent directly via e-mail). Puris are stupidly simple to make so you have no excuses whatsoever not to make these. Don?t be disheartened if not all of them puff up as this is usually the case for many people. Damn those pesky circles of delight.

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Spinach and Green Chilli Puris
(makes around 30 small puris)


3 cups fine white chapatti flour (you could use wholemeal but what?s the point when you?re going to massacre it in hot oil?)
1 cup fresh leaf spinach
2 fresh green chillies (or to taste)
¾ cup boiling water
2 ½ tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp salt (or to taste)
Pinch of turmeric

Oil to deep fry


1. Puree the spinach, chillies and ¾ cup boiling water until smooth.

2. Place the flour, turmeric and salt in a large bowl and make a well in the centre.

3. Add 2 ½ tbsp oil and enough of the spinach mixture to bind into a firm, non sticky dough.

4. Heat the oil to deep fry the puris.

5. Open a window.

6. Follow my steps below.

how to make puri

Tips: When rolling your puri, don?t add any flour to stop it from sticking because when you fry them this flour will come off and turn your oil black. Instead, if your dough is sticking put a little oil on the board and turn the circle of dough ¼ of a degree each time you roll. This way you get a neat little circle, too.

spinach puri 3
This is just screaming 'fill me with spicy chickpeas'.
Now go for a shower because no matter how good your puris taste, you still smell like you?ve been marinating in oil for days.

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