Soya Chunks Stuffed Paratha

By Prabha's Samayal /Cooking

This's stuffed paratha., first have to make Paratha dough and then  stuffing mixture also ..Here i used Maida(All purpose Flour) &Atta together.You can use Atta or maida alone.Recipe follows.,

Ingredients For Paratha:

Maida(All purpose flour)-1 cupAtta-1 cupSalt-2teaspoonOil-2teaspoonWater- to make a tight dough.
Mix All together and make like a chappathi dough.Cover and keep aside.

Ingredients for Stuffing:
Soya chunks-2cupsOnion-1/2 medium chopped (finely chopped)Ginger/Garlic paste-2teaspoonRed chilly Powder-2 teaspoonPepper powder-1teaspoon(optional) ?? Salt                                                                            Lemon juice-few drops ?? Turmeric powderCilantro/Curry leaves -few (finely chopped) grounded soya chunksOil&ghee mixed
Heat water in pan.,let it boil after 5-10 mns switch off the stove and put all soya chunks,dip all soya chunks with spoon and close the lid.After 5 mns drain all water,keep aside let it cool.Once Soya chunks cool down squeeze all excess water.Squeeze well ..for stuffing we need a dry mixture only.and grind in blender like a powder.

Heat oil in pan.,add onion and ginger garlic paste,fry wellAdd curry leaves,put grounded Soya chunks ? cooked mixture? Add Red chilliy powder,turmeric powder,salt,and lemon juice. Fry well,Allow the excess water to evaporateAdd cilantro and turn of the stove.Stuffing's ready.Heat pan in Tava or panTake One big size Ball and roll it chappathi roller.Take a 2 spoon of mixture and cover the dough.,and roll Roll carefully .,bcaz the mixture will comes give a gentle press and make a circle paratha.Put on heated tawa and cook like chappathi.Serve hot .,no need for side dish.

Chop everything in fine pieces(curryleaves,cilantro,onion)otherwise stuffing will cums out.

By Prabha's Samayal /Cooking

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