Soya Chunks Pulao

Nutrela Soya chunks Rice (Pulao) recipe

Traditional Indian food has protein but not enough. Though lentils (one of the sources of protein), milk and curd are enjoyed on a daily basis, the quantity isn’t in large quantities. An occasional rajma (kidney beans) and channa (chickpeas) are thrown in but as I said, they are only occasional and not on a daily basis – with probably the exception of Punjabi cuisine. With this in mind, one has to add in other protein rich ingredients in their daily food esp. when you are working out hard at the gym or expending more energy in day to day activities. The protein is needed for building muscle which in turn gives one more strength etc. Although, I personally am not such a gym freak to warranty that much of a protein dose, I like to add in enough protein since I find that it keeps overindulging and then hunger at bay (where I like it!). A little goes a loooong way.

Nutrela Soya chunks Rice (Pulao) recipe

My mother and I have an argument with regards to this where she mentions that too much of protein causes Kidney issues. But trust me – with a vegetarian diet consisting mostly of only lentils, milk and curd – you aren’t in any danger of protein caused Kidney issues in my humble opinion. I think its more applicable to high protein non-vegetarian diet where a single serving of say – a beef/bacon etc gives you so much protein which when compensated with vegetarian ingredients, one will not be able to finish in one setting. Lots of vegetarian equivalent for the meat has to be made and 1 plate of beef would probably compare to 3-4 plates of its same protein vegetarian plate! You wont be able to finish that much :) So vegetarians have to distribute their protein throughout the day in sufficient quantities. And its so much better this way cause the protein from vegetarian sources come with so much less of a baggage by way of calories in the form of fat. In this bargaining world where we want more for less, this package is indeed ‘appetizing’. (...)
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